Why should we hire you over others?


Some people have the confidence that they fit the best for the position they have always dreamt of. It can be because of two major reasons. First is maybe they have had experience related to the field in their past and second reason can be that they are so passionate about that particular position that they have already started seeing themselves flourish by working on that position. Self-esteem and self-confidence play major roles in determining whether you fit for that particular position or not.

When you apply for a particular position in any firm, you should always question yourself first. Do you absolutely fit that position? You should also consider the fact that every position requires its respective amount of hard work and dedication. If you think you are not in a position to put in efforts to perform that particular job, then you should not apply for that post. When you apply for the job position, you should also keep in mind that there are many other candidates who have also joined the league for the same position. They might be even more talented and must be having even more knowledge than you have about the job. It’s all about the opportunities. When you make complete use of opportunities, the path becomes much easier. When you go for the interview, you must be well aware about the job role and what your position offers and what are you expected to do. You should make yourself ready and prepare all those points in your mind which makes you eligible for the job post. The way you communicate during the interview plays the most important role during hiring process. A promise to deliver exceptional and good results and to perform accordingly by the candidate, can also create positive chances for the employer to select you over other candidates. Always make sure that the reply that you give for why you need to be hired, should summarize your three reasons for the same question. Your approach towards the interview should be very positive and your confidence should reflect in whatever answers you give.

Leaving a strong impression on the person who is interviewing you will be a plus point in getting yourself hired. The way you carry yourself and the attitude you possess throughout the interview should always bring you positive results.

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