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Why Going Solo Could Be The Key to Finding Your Passion

As humans, we’re innately social, which has many benefits; we get to enjoy dinners out, new experiences and going to the movies with our friends and family.  However, our modern lives often have a way of making socializing difficult, especially when we reach our 30s and 40s.  In fact, 44% of Americans said that their plans are often cancelled because friends are simply ‘too busy’, and aRead More…

we got quizzed on our new boss’s horses, family, and vineyard

my boss called me “overly emotional” because I cried at work when I thought my grandmother was dying

A reader writes:
As a sophomore in college, I was fortunate enough to find an internship in an industry I was very excited about. The company was small — the owner, three employees, and me.
About halfway through the four months that I worked there, my family dealt with a serious crisis — my grandmother was hospitalized after taking a bad fall and fracturing one of her vertebrae. The situatioRead More…

Why You Want a Low Bus Coefficient

The fastest way to get a promotion is to have a Low Bus Coefficient. Of course, there are other less seemly and perhaps unethical ways to get promotions. But, for most people in the modern work world the fastest way to get promotions is to share what you know.
“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society thaRead More…

How to Do an Excellent Online Job Search?

Find and respond to online job ads. Based on today’s search oriented society, the first thing anyone will do when starting a job search is find and respond online job ads. It’s all about typing a few search terms that describe the type of job you want, applying for anything that comes up, applying for jib interviews and get the job after one or maybe two weeks. Unfortunately, most of the times, iRead More…

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Why Women Need to Start Talking About Their Salary

Do you know how much your coworkers make? If you haven’t asked, you may think you know already. Yet studies have shown that people can only guess their coworker’s salaries half of the time. That means the person your department with similar experience to you could be making a lot more or less than you think. If you avoid money topics at work because you feel talking about salary with your Read More…

we got quizzed on our new boss’s horses, family, and vineyard

updates: the tenant requesting money, the bad friend employee, and more

Here are three updates from people who had their letters answered here in the past.
1. My former tenant’s “manager” is requesting money for her time spent on a lease dispute
At first I did not contact Sara’s employer as I did not want the situation to escalate, either for me or the other tenants (I secured the access to the building thanks to the advice of one of the commenters). I receiRead More…

Love Your Job? Put an Exit Plan in Place.

When you hate your job, you often think about leaving it. But when you are happy with your work putting an exit plan into place seems somewhat bizarre. Nevertheless, smart employees should always be prepared to quit their job tomorrow.
The reason is that the future is always unknowable. Just because your job satisfaction is sky-high today doesn’t mean that tomorrow your company won’t announcRead More…

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Still Waiting to Finish Your Degree? Here ‘s Why You Need to Complete It!

Are you tired of working two or more jobs in order to make ends meet? Do you have too much month at the end of the money? You’re not alone; almost 40 million people in the United States live at or below the poverty line. 
For many people, poverty isn’t a choice but a lifecycle. In order to break that cycle, you have to get ahead in some way or another but this isn’t easy when you have kidRead More…

we got quizzed on our new boss’s horses, family, and vineyard

we got quizzed on our new boss’s horses, family, and vineyard

A reader writes:
I’m a contractor at a big company that has some ongoing labor disputes. While I’m in a different division than the several others that have strikes planned, it has bled over into some of my team in that we’ve been asked to add coverage to some areas during planned strikes. A few months ago, we had a reorg and have a new grandboss, “Alex.” Alex is new toRead More…

Why should we hire you over others?

Some people have the confidence that they fit the best for the position they have always dreamt of. It can be because of two major reasons. First is maybe they have had experience related to the field in their past and second reason can be that they are so passionate about that particular position that they have already started seeing themselves flourish by working on that position. Self-esteem anRead More…